Alpatin Eye Drops

Epinastine 0.05%

Alpatin® Eye Drop is the preparation of Epinastine 0.05%. Epinastine is a topically active, direct H1-receptor antagonist and an inhibitor of the release of histamine from the mast cell. Epinastine is selective for the histamine H1-receptor and has affinity for the histamine H2-receptor. Epinastine also possesses affinity for the α1-, α 2-, and 5-HT2–receptors. Some anti-allergic agents markedly inhibit basal tear production due to the blockade of muscarinic-3 receptor. Epinastine causes minimal inhibition of muscarinic-3 receptors leading to limited interference in the tear secretion.

Alpatin® eye drop is indicated for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis with dry eye symptoms.

Alpatin® Eye Drops: Plastic dropper bottle of 5 ml. Each ml contains Epinastine HCl INN 0.5 mg equivalent to Epinastine 0.44 mg.

Ideal choice for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis in patients with dry eye symptoms

  • Ensures effective itch relief within 3 minutes
  • Ensures long lasting relief up to 12 hours
  • Relieves itching without hampering lacrimal function

Alpatin Eye Drops Prescribing Information

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