Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

24th September, 2005

BPL launches "Ultrafen plus" for the first time in Bangladesh

A scientific seminar on "Recent advances in pain management" was held at Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Center on 24th September (Friday). Beximco Pharma organized the seminar in connection with formal launching of their new drug 'Ultrafen Plus'. Prof. Sirajuddin Ahmed, Chairman & Prof. of Orthopedic Surgery, BSMMU attended the seminar as the Chairperson while Professor AKM Eshaque, Head of the Dept. of Orthopedic, SSMCH was the chief guest. Eminent physician Dr. M. Amjad Hossain, Prof. & Head, Ortho & Trauma Surgery, DMCH as speaker and Dr. RR Kairy, Prof. of Orthopedic Surgery, NITOR & Dr. Kh. Abdul Awal Rizvi, Prof. of Orthopedic surgery, NITOR as panel of experts were present in the seminar. Around 400 specialist physicians were also present in the seminar.

Executive Director, Sales of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd Mr. Zakara S Chowdhury delivered the welcome address. In his address Mr. Chowdhury said Beximco Pharma is always committed to provide better service to the doctors as well as to their patients. For this reason it always takes the privilege to introduce newer attractive molecules. Ultrafen Plus which is a combination of Diclofenac Sodium and Misoprostol is such kind of drug. He said Ultrafen plus is formulated with a highly sophisticated bilayer formulation technology. This combination is the break through in pain management. It is well known to the doctors community that Diclofenac is the gold standard of clinical efficacy in arthritic pain management and has been widely used for around 30 years. Though Diclofenac has superb track record, it has been found to be associated with serious gastrointestinal complications such as GI perforation, obstruction and GI bleeding which may lead to noncompliance and treatment failure. To avoid these complications the combination of Diclofenac Sodium and Misoprostol has been launched.

The speaker Dr. M. Amjad Hossain, in his scientific paper discussed about various aspects of pain and its advanced management. He mentioned that people especially elderly are more vulnerable to NSAID induced ulceration. But Diclofenac is still being used widely around the world and in Bangladesh as well. Diclofenac therapy may alleviate the pain but causes serious GI complications. To reduce these complications various types of antiulcerants are being used currently. But in the most cases these are not enough, which can be seen if we look at various hospitals and clinics where many patients with GI perforation, GI bleeding are admitted. The incidence of these problems is the highest during Ramadan. On this perspective if any drug with natural prostaglandin analogue is available, it will really be a breakthrough in the pain management. In the seminar, speaker thanked Beximco Pharma for taking the initiative launching the Ultrafen Plus.

At last, Chairperson, Prof. Sirajuddin Ahmed, and Chief guest Prof. AKM Eshaque in their own speeches thanked Beximco Pharma authority for making available such kind of drug for the benefit of patients.