Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

28th August, 2005

Beximco pharma launches new drug 'Informet LA

A scientific seminar on “Management of Diabetes” was held at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. Beximco Pharma organized the seminar in connection with formal launching of their new antidiabetic drug 'Informet LA'. Professor A K Azad Khan, Secretary General of Diabetes Association of Bangladesh attended the seminar as the Chairperson while Professor A R Khan was the Special Guest. Eminent physician Dr. Khwaja Nazim Uddin, & specialist Diabetologist 3 of BIRDEM presented scientific papers on Diabetes management. Eminent Gynecologist Professor T A Chowdhury and Endocrinologist Professor Zafar Ahmed Latif was present as panel experts. Around 300 specialist physicians were present in the seminar.

Chief Executive Officer of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd Mr. Nazmul Hassan delivered the welcome address. In his address Mr. Hassan said Diabetes and Diabetes complications are rising steadily all over the world. So there is an increased need to improve the awareness of Diabetes as well as advancement of treatment facilities. Mr. Hassan mentioned that Beximco Pharma is committed to provide highest quality drugs at an affordable cost to assist physicians in their effort to treat patients in a better way. He reiterated Beximco Pharma's commitment to introduce more new molecules for better treatment of Diabetes patients of our country.

Chairperson of the seminar Professor A K Azad Khan, in his speech thanked Beximco Pharma authority for making available of a wide range of antidiabetic drugs for the benefits of patients.

Speakers in their scientific papers discussed about various aspects of Diabetes and its management. They mentioned that the number of people with diabetes is rapidly expanding throughout the world. At the same time number of Diabetes complications such as cardiovascular diseases, eye, kidney, nerve diseases etc are also increasing. They also said that long acting metformin preparation such as Informet LA has clear advantages over conventional metformin found in the market, which controls blood glucose level for 24 hours. So, patients need to take the medicine for once in a day, which ensures better patient compliance and treatment success.

Director Marketing of Beximco Pharma Mr. Afsar Uddin Ahmed delivered vote of thanks. He said that Beximco Pharma will continue to manufacture life saving drugs of highest quality and making them available in the market.