Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

7th February, 2006

Beximco Pharma introduces 4 New Drugs 'First Time' in Bangladesh

Leading drug manufacturer Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) today (February 07, 2006) has introduced 4 new products for Parkinson's disease, pain management, Herpes viruses and Psoriasis...

Dhaka, February 7, 2006: Leading drug manufacturer Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) today (February 07, 2006) has introduced 4 new products for Parkinson’s disease, pain management, Herpes viruses and Psoriasis.
The four new drugs namely Repitol®, Dexifen®, Soritene® and Ovalac® are first time launches from Beximco Pharma in Bangladesh, an official statement of the company said.

Repitol® containing Ropinirole, is available in two strengths, Repitol® 0.25 mg tablet and Repitol® 2 mg tablet. Both the strengths are available in 30’s pack. The price of each tablet of Repitol® 0.25 mg and Repitol® 2 mg are Tk. 2 and Tk. 10 respectively. USFDA has approved Repitol® for Parkinson’s disease and Restless Legs Syndrome. Repitol® has shown to be efficacious when used as monotherapy in Parkinson’s disease.

Dexifen® is a preparation of S (+) enantiomer of ibuprofen that offers strong efficacy against pain & inflammation yet retain the proven safety profile of ibuprofen. Dexifen® is available in 3 different strengths – 200 mg, 300 mg, & 400 mg tablets. All the strengths are available in 100’s pack. The price of each tablet of Dexifen® 200 mg, Dexifen® 300 mg and Dexifen® 400 mg are Tk. 3, Tk. 4 and Tk. 5 respectively.

Soritene® ointment containing Tazarotene 0.1%, available in a 25gm collapsible aluminium tube, works against psoriasis and acne. Soritene® effectively treats psoriasis and can be used for long term due to its better safety profile. Soritene® is the first topical retinoid approved by USFDA for treatment of psoriasis. Moreover, Soritene® shows outstanding efficacy in treating acne. The price of one 25 gm tube of Soritene® is Tk. 150.

Another new drug, Ovalac® is an ideal second generation antiviral drug. It is used to treat infections caused by herpes simplex and varicella-zoster virus and as prophylaxis against cytomegalovirus disease. Ovalac® is a preparation of Valacyclovir and the drug is available at a 10-piece packet and price of each tablet is Tk. 150.

Note to the Editor
Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a member of the BEXIMCO Group, the largest private sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. Beximco Pharmaceuticals started its operation in 1980, manufacturing products under the licenses of Bayer AG of Germany and Upjohn Inc of USA and now has grown to become nation’s one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, supplying approximately 10% of country’s total medicine need. Today Beximco Pharmaceuticals manufactures and markets its own ‘branded generics’ for almost all diseases from AIDS to cancer, from infection to asthma, from hypertension to diabetes, for both national and international markets. It also contract manufactures for major international brands of leading multinational companies.