Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

23th March, 2006

Beximco Pharma introduces Oseflu to fight against the Bird Flu

Leading drug manufacturer in Bangladesh Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited introduced yesterday (March 22, 2006) Oseflu capsule for the prevention and treatment of human cases of Avian influenza (H5N1) causing Bird flu.

The capsule contains Oseltamivir 75 mg that ensures outstanding efficacy against pandemic strains of influenza including reducing the severity and duration of symptoms and the complications arising from any influenza infection and mortality.

Due to its safety and effectiveness against pandemic strains of influenza, the World Health Organization has recommended it in the event of an influenza pandemic, a senior official of Beximco Pharma said.

Regarding the launching of the drug he said, although no bird flu virus is still detected in Bangladesh, the country is at the risk of spreading of this virus as it has been detected in a large volume in India and Myanmar, the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, different UN agencies expressed concern that Bangladesh might have devastating consequences of this deadly contiguous disease, he added.

According to the company source, people can easily avoid Bird Flu by following some simple guidelines in their daily life like eating properly boiled (70° C) chicken and eggs, washing eggs and chickens before refrigeration, washing hands, utensils with soaps and warm water, keeping children away from poultry etc. People should not panic if they suspect to have Bird flu and should talk to doctors within 48 hours and take proper medicines.

Although Avian influenza or Bird-flu is a contagious disease of animals caused by viruses that normally infect only birds, it causes death of human beings also specially people who are engaged with the poultry activities.

The drug is also effective against both Influenza type A and B. So it can be used for treatment and prophylaxis of both Influenza type A and B.

Beximco Pharma has opened a “24hrs Bird Flu Hotline” for doctors to provide any kind of information on Bird Flu.

Various public awareness campaigns would soon be undertaken by Beximco Pharma to aware general people about the protection measures and general health information relating to Bird Flu.